Paul Lebonitte

Paul Lebonitte is a business development and communications executive experienced within the telecom carrier industry, IT sourcing and consulting and CRM whose career advanced with the de-regulation of the telecom industry and has evolved along with the development and commercialization of the Internet.

Beginning with JPMorganChase in 1980, Paul joined its domestic voice communications group and became a key project team member in the bank wide upgrade of its telephone system with AT&T.

Following the successful completion of the Chase upgrade program, Paul started his sales career and was instrumental in gaining market share and visibility with such companies as Starnet, MCI and Williams Communications. In 1998 at Williams, Paul was promoted to European Sales Director to develop relationships and explore joint venture opportunities with the national PTTs (France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, TeleDanmark) to increase its global presence in Western Europe.

Joining US East, an IT consulting firm in 2002 as Vice President responsible for new business development and sales management, Paul managed the growth of its enterprise sourcing business providing onsite consultants to support critical business systems within the banking and investment community.

Paul joined Conversive in 2007, an intelligent web chat provider to develop new business primarily within the banking community in New York. Most recently, Paul was responsible for partnership development and PR communications at Gabriels Technology, a leading web app developer for the major newspaper and publishing companies online presence.

In addition, Paul coaches and trains competitive road cyclists to improve their performance for racing as he is certified and licensed by USA Cycling as a Level 2 cycling coach.

Paul studied Government & Politics at St. John’s University and Business Administration and Management Information Systems (B.Sc.) at New York Institute of Technology.

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