Novick Associates gives back

Post date: Jun 18, 2010 2:53:10 AM

TransitionsNeedham, a community outreach program of the Presbyterian Church in Needham, MA, offers a variety of services to help those in career transition deal with the day-to-day challenges of job loss, and manage the search for their next professional assignment.

Novick Associates, a Needham based IT consulting firm has generously given their time and expertise to help Transitions make some sorely needed IT services available to our members.

Working with, Novick Associates was able to secure donations of computers for the Transitions Center. Alan Novick acquired and donated the domain name ( and generously gave of his time to setup our new website, and make an array of new services available to Transitions members. Novick Associates also made upgrades to our Transitions Center and church networks, making wireless networking and printing available to everyone here.

Services now available to all Transitions members include: email, cloud-based document storage, personal and group address books, and personal and group calendars. All services are based on Google Apps for Domains, and are provided to Transitions members at no cost.

More than 200 TransitionsNeedham members now benefit from these services. Additionally, Mr. Novick trained several members to self-manage the website and all of the other web-based services. Novick Associates brought new tools, new skills, and new opportunities for our community.

Thank you.

Elliott Hipp, Pastor - The Presbyterian Church in Needham

Elaine Putnam, Director - Transitions Center