Anurag (Anu) Gupta

After receiving his BS in Accounting from the City University of New York, Anu set off to change the general ledger at a time.

Anu performed his earliest finance work as a corporate accounting manager at Dover Corporation. Over the next 8 years he took on a wide range of roles at Avon Products ("Avon calling"): automating processes, international consolidations, analyzing profit plans and financial forecasts, treasury operations and developing and conducting internal audits in areas of high business risk.

Assignments at Renaissance Cosmetics, Perkin & Elmer, and Gartner Associates followed. In these years Anu implemented new financial reporting and accounting systems, led business integration efforts, and served as an internal audit supervisor. It was at Gartner, that Anu's career took a dramatic shift: combining his well-honed finance skills with his growing interest in information technology. Anu took on his first IT project management assignments at Gartner, which led quite naturally into his next major role as Senior Manager, Financial Systems Development at The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc ("IPG").

At IPG, Anu played a pivotal role in the development and deployment of IPG's first global, enterprise application: a financial consolidation and reporting system based on a platform from Hyperion Solutions that brought together financial reporting for over 1,200 operating entities in more than 130 countries. This initiative is arguably the greatest business process change in IPG history.

After the successful deployment of the new consolidation and reporting solution, Anu went on to lead a variety of IT development and integration initiatives across IPG's business lines, including enterprise solutions for: E-Procurement, document management and imaging.

On every engagement Anu brings to the table his strong foundation in finance and audit, as well as his deep understanding and broad experience working in Information Technology. He tackles business process re-engineering efforts, effectively applying technology solutions that streamline, automate, and control those processes.

While maintaining focus on the big picture, Anu never loses sight of the details...and he gets the job done.

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