These are unusual times.

Far too many businesses have eliminated IT staff and slashed budgets for new technology initiatives. Yet the demands for process improvements and IT solutions keep growing. Further compounding the confusion are the all-too-frequent misunderstandings between business and IT managers. It’s as if business and IT speak different languages. The fact is, they do.

We speak the language of business. But before we speak we listen, question, and reflect.

Novick Associates is an experienced, agile resource for thorough analysis, fresh perspectives, and real-world insights into how IT can better serve your business. We have a track record of working with some of the world's best-known organizations in global financial and professional services. Working with our clients we gain a common understanding of current business operations and the technologies that support them. Together, we develop a vision of the optimal, practical - not utopian - processes, and the best way to implement them.

If you are looking for an experienced, no-nonsense team committed to identifying opportunities for process improvement, and advocating for real-world IT solutions for your business, contact Novick Associates today.

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