Our Approach

We are keenly aware that not all business challenges have IT solutions.

Business policy and process are the first areas of investigation. Only after reaching a clear understanding of the environment and the business goals do we look to leverage technologies to facilitate compliance with policy and optimization of process.

Specifically, we work with our clients to:

  • understand the current landscape of business processes and the technologies that support them

  • develop a clear vision of what the optimal, practical - not utopian - processes look like

  • identify process areas that require correction or optimization

  • identify methods to effectively address these gaps

If an IT solution proves to be the course to follow, Novick Associates works with our clients to:

  • build the business case to identify specific IT solutions, and address outstanding process and policy issues

  • identify IT solution alternatives in the marketplace

  • manage the vendor selection process

  • execute the selected solution

If you are looking for an experienced, no-nonsense team committed to identifying opportunities for process improvement, and advocating for practical IT solutions for your business, contact Novick Associates today.